Glory be to Him

I am Edward Bramanti, and I have been reborn in Christ Jesus.


One last trip down memory lane for tonight (can you tell I am digging through old files?), this time from January of 2007. This is a personal favorite and it came about in a funny way. They told us we could make some “creator t-shirts” with whatever art we wanted on them and they would sell a limited run on the network website. So I made this. And they said, “Yeah, not that one.” The calligraphy, by S.L. Lee, PhD., is from the Blue Spirit’s wanted poster.


Waiting to lay down some #Korra @nickelodeontv with my #Zebra pal!

CEO of SNAPCHAT AT LA HACKS! #lahacks #hackathon @lahacks

10pm keynote starting soon, nbd #lahacks #hackathon @lahacks

Inbox hero: inside Mailbox's master plan to make email suck less

Inbox hero: inside Mailbox’s master plan to make email suck less



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having an otp sucks never have one kids kill it w/ fire

Literally so baffled about how inefficient I’ve been with homework this weekend.

"But in all the discussions of these events, they never talk about the real cause. They talk about the symptom, which is that people get post-traumatic stress disorder and they kill themselves and other people. …

But there is a more specific cause of this. Just think of how many individuals over the last 15 years would not have suffered death or injury, post-traumatic stress disorders or brain injuries if we didn’t go to war unnecessarily!

Why are the people who are really guilty, who lied us into war, not being called to task?"

—  Ron Paul (via laliberty)