Glory be to Him

Truth is what corresponds to reality. Therefore, I follow Christ and live to make him known.

Just me and the bae #blessed #nofilter


makorra, in a nutshell.

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After work chillin’ on 3rd Street Promenade. All I had to do was walk outside #winning


hey, cool guy

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Where did all the equalists in LoK go 

They’re probably just less active after learning Amon was a fraud and after their push a change in government (from hand-picked council to elected president) succeeded.

voting in korra’s approval rating polls

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It’s official! I’m at Google’s HQ in Venice about to participate in I/O Extended with hundreds of other developers!


my favorite food is buffet


Recording some Korra fight scenes for Book 4 with Janet Varney today. This is our friendly reminder that Book 3 premieres this Friday the 27th @ 7PM on Nick!

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Taken by Google Glass-wielding @rachelriv #r-riv #bae @dannyj_gibson

Counter Round 2 with this champ #nofilter #n8bog (at The Counter Marina Del Rey)